2023 After School Clubs

2023 After School Clubs

After school clubs are back!

These clubs will be offered after school on Mondays and Tuesdays for grades 2-5. If you wish to register your child outside this range, please contact us first. Both days of the week will be on the same schedule, listed below with the corresponding Monday/Tuesday dates.

Please note, there will be no club on Monday, February 20th for Family Day, so that week has been bumped to February 27th. 

You can register here!


January 16/17 - Intro to Marine Biology 

This week will be a broad introduction to the many different fields within marine biology, and the many ways to be involved with the ocean. We will have touch tanks with our favourite invertebrates, different stations featuring our coolest animals, and microscopes set up to check out the tiniest of creatures!

January 23/24 - Crab Habitats  

We will be building various styles of homes for pygmy rock crabs out of rocks, sand, seaweed and sea water. We will then conduct a few scientific investigations to determine the habitat type they prefer the most. 

Please note: this day will likely include a trip to the beach (weather depending), and using sediments and materials directly from the beach. There is a chance that clothes and shoes may become dirty.

January 30/31 -  History of the Ocean

We are going back 500 million years in time, and learning about the first creatures to live in our oceans! There will be fun facts about dinosaurs, and ancient animals that are still swimming around today. We will also be making our own fossils, using real shells and salt dough, that will be ready to take home the following week.

February 6/7 - Deep Sea

We’re diving into the deep sea, and learning about all the crazy animals down there! Ever wonder how angler fish produce their light? Or what colour the animals are if sunlight can’t reach them? Have you heard about mountains that are completely underwater? We will be learning about all that and more! With some fun crafts and activities too. 

February 13/14 - Fish Sounds 

A team of educators from UVic will be coming up to Campbell River to teach us about the biology of sound! We will learn about the underwater soundscape, how fish hear and produce noises, and important anatomy of fish. We may even get a chance to drop a hydrophone into the water off the pier to listen to fish and marine mammals in real time!

February 27/21 - Seaweeds

Often overlooked and tossed aside, seaweeds and algae are a very important part of our local marine ecosystems! Along with phytoplankton, they create the base of the marine food web, and even humans have uses for some of the species. This week will include a trip to the beach for a seaweed scavenger hunt, so please dress for the weather.