Art Camps (7-11)

Art Camps (7-11)

During Art camps we explore the artistic side of our local waters, investigating the beauty of local marine life, big and small! 

Art Camps run from 9:00AM - 3:00PM on the following dates:

  • Monday July 18th - Friday July 22nd, 2022
  • Monday August 15th - Friday August 19th


We’re bringing out the microscopes to start off the week! We will be learning about plankton and bioluminescence, as well as how our food chain relies on these tiny little creatures. In the afternoon, we will have touch-tanks set up to introduce various local species of invertebrates, and we will be making crafts throughout the day, showcasing how beautiful even the tiniest of organisms can be. 


Intertidal Time! We will be taking the bus to Willow Point Reef, and spending most of the day exploring the unique tidepools, learning about animal habitats, and seeing them interact in their natural ecosystems. After we return to the Explorer Lab, we will get a chance to create 3D models of their favourite animals they saw, and learn about them in a bit more detail. 

Please ensure kids are wearing shoes that can get wet on this day, and that they bring lots of sunscreen. 


Whale Wednesday! Today we learn all about whales, how their bodies work, why they migrate, what they eat, and how they are able to eat so much. We finish off the day with some ice cream, and a chance to look for whales and other marine life from the pier. 


Become a scientist for the day! Kids get to help the aquarists in the morning, seeing behind the scenes action of how aquariums operate, and then learn about all the animals we have in the aquarium. Afterwards, we will create an art piece about their favorite animal they saw. In the afternoon, we will go to our local beach, with a goal of finding the coolest thing to bring back to the classroom, and create art that works around the object. 


To start off the day, we are going to make the craziest fish we can think of, and learn about some of the weirdest fish we really have in the ocean! Afterwards, we will walk to Centennial Pool and swim for the afternoon. 

Please ensure kids have their bathing suits packed today, and are wearing comfortable shoes to walk in. 

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