Ecosystem Engineers - After School Club

Ecosystem Engineers - After School Club

This after school club will run on Tuesdays afterschool, from 3:30 - 5pm. All drop offs and pick ups will be at the Explorer Lab. The intended ages are Grades 2-4. 

Tuesday, November 8th

We will start off the club by learning all about our local ecosystems! We will introduce all of the local marine ecosystems you can find in Discovery Passage and around Vancouver Island, such as eelgrass beds, kelp forests, the intertidal zone, and seamounts. With hands-on activities to enhance learning, we will be touring through these ecosystems using scientific methods and mini-experiments. 

Tuesday, November 15th 

We will be conducting a shore crab experiment! Using the knowledge of ecosystems from the previous week, groups will build various habitats for the shore crabs, observe where the crabs naturally want to go, and we will study the preferred characteristics of each habitat all together. This afternoon will start with crab collections down at the beach, so please ensure your child has appropriate clothing and footwear with them. 

Tuesday, November 22nd 

To finish off the club, we will be putting our knowledge to the test to create marine ecosystem snowglobes! With miniature versions of seaweeds, marine life, and plankton, students will get to combine all the elements of a healthy ecosystem however they see fit. And they get to bring home a snowglobe in time for the holidays! 

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