Junior Camps (5-7)

Junior Camps (5-7)

Junior camps are the perfect opportunity for young, aspiring naturalists to get a head start on their journey exploring with local marine life.

Junior Camps run from 9:00AM - 3:00PM on the following dates:

  • Monday July 11th - Friday July 15th
  • Tuesday August 2nd - Friday August 5th


To kick off the week, we will be learning about the food chain, and important keystone species that we can find around Vancouver Island. Using a combination of games, art, and hands-on activities, kids will learn about what makes the ocean such a unique ecosystem. In the afternoon, we will set up touch tanks and introduce many of the intertidal animals we will be seeing on the reef the next day. 


Intertidal Time! We will be taking the bus to Willow Point Reef, and spending most of the day exploring the unique tidepools, learning about animal habitats, and seeing them interact in their natural ecosystems. After we return to the Explorer Lab, we will get a chance to learn more about their favorite animals we saw at the reef. 

Please ensure kids are wearing shoes that can get wet, and bring lots of sunscreen. 


Whale Wednesday! Today we learn all about whales, how their bodies work, why they migrate, what they eat, and how they are able to eat so much. We finish off the day with some ice cream, and a chance to look for whales and other marine life from the pier. 


Ocean Exploration! Kids will get a chance to visit the aquarium and work on a scavenger hunt for the animals there. In the afternoon, we will be heading to our local beach and trying to find the coolest thing to bring back to the classroom. We will also be learning about deep sea exploration, and the wacky fish that scientists have found down there. 


Continuing our exploration from the previous day, we will be walking down to the docks to find more animals in their natural habitats, and continuing on to Robert Ostler Park for lunch. In the afternoon, we will come back and wind-down with some story time, and crafts involving each kid's favorite animal from the week. 

Please ensure kids are wearing comfortable shoes to walk in, and have sunscreen and/or a hat. 

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