Keystones of Campbell River - After School Club

Keystones of Campbell River - After School Club

This after school club will run on Thursdays afterschool, from 3:30 - 5pm. All drop offs and pick ups will be at the Explorer Lab. The intended ages are Grades 5-7. 

Thursday, November 10 - Sea Stars

Sea stars, especially Ochre and Sunflower Stars, are vitally important to kelp forests and intertidal zones such as Willow Point Reef! While they don't look very scary to humans, these sea stars are constantly on the prowl for their prey of urchins and mussels. During this session, we will have an abundance of sea star species in touch tanks, conduct experiments and induce predator-prey interactions.

Thursday, November 17 - Salmon

As Campbell River is the Salmon Capital of the World, it is only fitting to talk about this incredibly important fish! With hands-on activities, we will explore salmon physiology and life cycles. We will also be playing a fishing game, involving monopoly money and aspects of resource management! 

Thursday, November 24 - Orcas 

We will finish off the club learning all about Orcas! These iconic marine mammals are central to keeping our oceans thriving, by providing top-down control of the ecosystem. The Resident Orcas of Vancouver Island will be the focus, including their unique lifestyles, and challenges that they face.

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