Pier Screen Celebration Event

Pier Screen Celebration Event

On Monday, as part of Science Literacy Week, Ocean Networks Canada, Greencoast Media, the Maritime Heritage Centre, and the Discovery Passage Aquarium came together to celebrate the Pier Screen, located on the Discovery Pier, and the increased public science education that comes with it. 

The Pier Screen was installed in 2019, but unfortunately the pandemic delayed the launch party by a few years. This week we invited students to the Pier to showcase everything the screen has to offer, and officially celebrate it being operational. 

The screen is open to the public year-round, and has a vast amount of information packed into it. You can learn about local marine life around the pier and their habitats, watch videos about Campbell River's history, and discover new facts about the ocean. You can even access live data from the Ocean Networks Canada underwater observatory directly under the pier, including current water temperature, salinity, and the tides for Discovery Passage!

4 classes ranging from grade 3 to grade 7 attended the festivities - two from Phoenix Middle School, and two from Quadra Elementary, for a total of 68 students and 5 educators. Everyone got the chance to explore the pier screen, visit the aquarium, interact with a giant map of Canada and our waterways, thanks to Ocean Networks Canada, and peak inside the historic B.C.P. 45 fishing boat, thanks to the Maritime Heritage Centre.

ONC has written a fabulous article on their Science Hub, which can be viewed here! By signing up for an account on their Science Hub, you can stay up to date with ONC activities, research, and ocean science discoveries! 


A huge thank you to everyone who joined us on Monday, and to all of our supporters! Make sure to check out the Pier Screen if you're in the area!