Spring Break Camps

A snapshot of the Explorer Lab puppet booth

We are excited to offer Spring Break Camps at the Explorer Lab this year! These camps will feature some of the popular activities from previous summer camps and after school clubs, plus many more new games and activities! The week will end with an ocean-themed escape room, using knowledge from the previous days of camp. Our goal is to foster creativity & teamwork within the group, and encourage ocean literacy.

Please note that we have brief outdoor activities planned on Monday and Tuesday. We will be going out, rain or shine. 


We are starting off the week by learning about the intertidal zone! There will be touch tanks, a trip to the beach, and an opportunity to build intertidal habitats for crabs! 


Today we take a closer look at some of the small things in the ocean: Eggs, Algae & Plankton! We will be using microscopes to study herring eggs and plankton found off the pier. We will be looking for seaweed on the beach, and using plankton nets at the docks. 


Today we are diving deep AND going back in time! Learning about the deep sea and its inhabitants, as well as the dinosaurs that swam in the ocean long ago! We will dig for fossils and create our own sea creatures!

Thursday (omited for April 3-6)

We're in for a BOAT load of fun today! We will be learning about some properties of physics, including gravity and buoyancy, by building our own boats! We will even get a chance to visit the Maritime Heritage Centre to learn about the history of important boats on our coast! 


Combining all of the various topics we learned about this week, the group will have to work together to solve a mystery in the Explorer Lab! After that, we end our time together with a movie, crafts, and time with our puppet collection. 


These camps offer small group sizes, to enhance student engagement and allow more personalization to each child’s learning needs. Due to this, camps are expected to fill up quickly. These camps have been developed for students in grades 2-5, but if you would like to enroll a child outside of this range, please contact us. Register here.