Explorer Lab - In School Program - Biodiversity (Grades 2-3)

Explorer Lab - In School Program - Biodiversity (Grades 2-3)

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This program introduces the scientific concepts of phylafood webs, and biodiversity through group work, creative thinking, and class sharing. We look closely at echinoderms and what separates them from other marine invertebrate groups. 

In 3 groups (you may wish to decide on groups before hand), students will build a complex food web around a live animal, with strings indicating predators and prey. Once each group is finished, the class will rotate through the stations, observing the constructed food web and having a chance to touch the various sea creatures. 

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: $70.00

Links to the BC Curriculum:

Big Ideas: Living things are diverse, can be grouped, and interact in their ecosystem

  • biodiversity in the local environment 
  • local Indigenous knowledge of ecosystems 
  • energy is needed for life (food webs and chains)
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