Sea Star Survey

Sea Star Survey

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This event will take place on August 8th at 12pm. We will be meeting at Jaycee Park in Willow Point, Campbell River. Here is the link to the location on Google Maps (to see location, please click on the blue link). Please note that the parking lot at Jaycee Park is small and you may need to park across the street at the Adventure Hobby Craft store parking lot.

WHAT IS A SEA STAR SURVEY? A Sea Star Survey is an opportunity to check the health, estimate the population size and measure the size of the sea stars on the Willow Point Reef.

WHY ARE WE DOING THIS? In 2013 there was an outbreak of sea star wasting disease. This is a disease that causes lesions on the body of the sea stars and deterioration of soft tissues. After this outbreak the populations of sea stars on the Pacific northwest coast declined sharply and populations are still not yet recovered in many places. The cause of sea star wasting disease is still poorly understood, although gathering information is the first step to solving this issue. For more information about sea star wasting disease and the protocol we will be following copy please click on the following blue link:

HOW DO I PREPARE FOR THE SURVEY? The Discovery Passage Aquarium will provide all materials needed to survey the sea stars. During the survey you will be assigned a site on the reef and asked to count all of the sea stars at your site, assess their health based on the pictures of healthy, mildly diseased, and severely diseased sea stars, and measure the radius of the sea star (from the middle of the body to the longest arm).  Please not that counting sea stars requires crouching down and looking under rocks. If you require any accommodations during the event, please fill out the text box below.
If you have any further questions about the Sea Star Survey please email 

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